Transformation from a Food Lover to a Foodie and then to a Food Blogger

I like eating… that most of the food lovers say. But you actually turn to be a FOODIE when you develop the palate for food, when you know what it takes to cooking and when you start hunting for more answers on Food…. transformation begins then.
While talking to a food blogger friend, I realized what it takes to be a Foodie. It’s just not about just knowing the recipes or talking about food at a restaurant or talking about what to include on your kitchen rack. NO. Don’t count yourself as a Foodie then. It’s a very much serious affair.

Today’s prompt on Transformation made me to write what I was thinking since many day, that how I have evolved – I won’t say changed – in digging deep into this small word, and still I just know the abc but I’m sure now, I can talk for at least an hour when it comes to Food.
To give a small background of myself – I might have mentioned in any of my blog post or page, I don’t remember – I come from a society, I am not saying family because my family is modern in its way, where people take cooking for girls as a necessity. Yes, absolutely, I agree. Cooking is a necessity. But for both – males and females. My mom had always told me, “concentrate on your studies and you can learn cooking later.” And so did I. I studied my masters, chose my career in journalism; but till then I was least interested in cooking.
From 2016 “the Affair” started. I, now, can make anything at any point of time for n no. of people; it won’t leave me in jitters like earlier.
I started this Food Blog with a purpose on my mind that I, through, this blog will serve more and more to the people like me – the mission and make this space – Foodeez Junction – as a stop for every Indian foodie.

The Transformation is not just that I’ve started to cook, as some people (from the society I belong) would lamely say. The transformation is … I have started to know Food, there are soooo many facts hidden.

I have created some simple questions, please fill this form to make Foodeez Junction a better place for all the foodies 🙂



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