Black Forest Cake Recipe

Eggless Black Forest Cake Recipe

Let’s whip it up. Now that you have learnt how to make a basic eggless chocolate sponge cake, it’s time to transform it in to wackalicious German dessert -“schwarzwalderkirchtorte” or the better known version “Black Forest Cake”. How and where did this cake get its name from? While few believe that it comes from the cherry liquor used to moisten the different layers of cake which is abundantly available in  Germany, others say that it signifies the beautiful black and white dress teamed up with a hat exhibiting red pom poms like the cherries adorned by the women folk in the black forest. I can see your patience waning out, so here we go!

Recipe for Eggless Black Forest Cake


  •  Eggless chocolate sponge cake – 1 (Read Here how to make Chocolate Sponge Cake)
  • A small tin of cherries
  • 1 and a 1/2 cup of whipped cream, (I always use a non-dairy heavy whipping cream)
  • chocolate shavings 1 cup

How to make a Black Forest Cake


Place the chocolate sponge cake on the turn table and cut it horizontally into three equal parts. If you are a first timer mark the cake along its circumference and then make the cut using a sharp serrated knife. Once this is done start working with the lower most layer keeping the other two aside. Drain the cherries and retain the syrup. Brush the cherry syrup liberally over the bottom layer of the cake till it stops soaking anymore. Take a big dollop of the whipped cream and spread it on the cake using an offset spatula, work from the center and take it along the edges.

Chop the cherries into thin pieces add it on top of the cream and also sprinkle some chocolate shavings. Also bear in mind not to spread too much cream on the sides, as, when you place the other layer it will start oozing out on the sides. Now place the next layer and repeat the same process. Add the third layer on top, moisten this layer as well with the syrup and crumb coat the cake. Crumb coat is nothing but sealing the  crumbs by applying a thin coat of cream and leaving it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.


When you remove the cake from the refrigerator you will find that the crumb coat has firmed up and is easy to work with. Coat it again well with the whipped cream on top taking it all the way to the sides. Smoothen  out the cream  by dipping the offset spatula in hot water and wipe off the water from the spatula with a clean cloth. A certain amount of heat retained by the spatula helps in achieving an even and glossy layer of the cream as you run it over the cake.

Scoop out the rest of the cream and fill it inside a piping bag. Using a star nozzle lace the corners with a shell pattern. Place whole cherries carefully removing the pip. Drizzle a copious amount of chocolate shavings on the sides of the cake and top as well. Refrigerate the cake for at least  a couple of hours before serving. I’m sure you will enjoy every bit of this dessert, which sings nothing but a tune of chocolate entwined with cherry’s schnappy notes.

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A slight variation could be using cherry brandy instead of the cherry syrup to soak the different layers of the cake, which gives a better flavour and more authenticity to the dessert.

Enjoy this irresistible decadent dessert, which will leave you yearning for more!!

— Recipe and Images Shared by Gayathri Iyer

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