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Easy Eggless Chocolate Cake Recipe


Wondering what could be more delicious than a home-baked Chocolate Cake? Each time you visit a bakery or a cake boutique you simply cannot stop drooling over each and every piece of that rich, moist-sinful delight. This simple recipe is dedicated to all those beginners who fret and fear the very prospect of stepping into the arena of baking.   The basic eggless chocolate sponge can be virtually turned into many exquisite cakes with a little tweak. It can be simply had along with a cup of coffee or transformed into a rich Black forest and many others, all you need to do is shed the inhibition and put on your apron. Happy baking!!

You need these to bake the cake

The passion for baking  and cooking is the only permanent fire that keeps glowing and growing in me. Here’s an amazing egg less chocolate cake recipe which will satiate those sweet tooth of yours!!  Aimed at all those first timers who do not have most of the gadgets or fancy contraptions a baker generally has around – never mind you can still whip-up a decent cake with things available in your kitchen.

Here’s How to Make An Eggless Chocolate Cake 



The key in getting any cake right is the “measurement” – just stick to it. As a basic thumb rule whenever you start baking, measure each  ingredient and keep it ready on the work station. Let’s get started -Measure sugar, give it a quick grind in the mixer, powder it and keep aside.

Chocolate Cake Ingredients

In a wide-mouthed bowl, add all the dry ingredients – powdered sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and give it quick whisk to ensure that all are mixed up well without any lumps. It’s time to incorporate all the wet ingredients, add oil and milk, using a hand whisk (if you don’t have one, it’s ok! don’t panic- just flex your palm and make a cat’s paw) start giving the mixture a brisk whisk – either way it will work out equally fine 🙂

Add flour slowly

Once all the ingredients are well combined, add flour slowly in batches, combining the mixture each time you add using a spatula. Do not over whisk the mixture. The idea is to retain whatever little air that was incorporated at the previous stage. Keep the mixture light and fluffy. Now is the time to add the most important ingredient to our basic mixture, “Lemon juice”.

Whisk the Cake batter

Once you add this, give it a nice swirl and immediately transfer it to a prepared cake mould (If you are wondering how a cake tin is prepared, this is no rocket science, all you got to do is, just line the cake tin with a parchment paper and smear it with some butter or oil). Lemon juice reacts with the baking soda which helps to bind the mixture and makes it spongy. Do not rest the cake after adding the lemon juice.

Transfer the batter to mould

Transfer contents in to the tin, and give a light tap to release air pockets, if any. Put the cake tin in a preheated oven for 15 minutes, at 180 degrees. After 15 minutes, insert a tooth pick or a skewer into the middle portion to check if the cake is cooked well, if so the tooth pick comes out clean. In case it’s gooey, you need to bake it a little longer.

How to Make Chocolate Cake in Microwave

If you want to make the cake using the microwave, you need to pour the batter into a microwave safe container, put it on high power mode and cook for 4 minutes. Check with the skewer, if not done, cook for a minute more.

Once the cake is cooked, let it cool, unmould and transfer it to a cooling rack.

Voila! there is your moist warm Chocolate cake filling the air around with a great aroma!

You can either dust some fine sugar on the cake or dribble a generous amount of chocolate sauce, if you do not have patience for either of it, just slice it and indulge with a hot cup of coffee.


— Recipe Written By Gayathri Iyer


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